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 Birthday of date

Be born date      1

Who is high confident  , feel  proud and kindhearted , Leader  characteristics , like be a leader  but who is hot  tempered.


Be born date      2

Who is sensitive person , modest , like cleaning and travel , love family. Who is good presage.


Be born date      3

Who is good attempt , good adjust oneself in environment , generous  and outspokenly . who  like challenge work.


Be born date      4

Who is friendly , good talk and talkative , like in regulation. Who is good coordinater.


Be born date      5 

Who is fair and justice , honesty , like to seek for the knowledge. Who believe mysterious science and like to teach other.


 Be born date     6

Who like beautiful thing , love in the arts ,  love freedom and joyful . but like to win the other.


Be born date      7 


Who is powerful  person , like the magic is mysterious ,worry the future . but  who is anxious and suspicion.

Be born date      8 

who is good  responsibility person, be friendly genuine ,  lonelies , kindhearted, but  who is touchy and  lost fast ,  


Be born date      9 

who is think profoundly , like to think over , high ambition , who is good presage , but , often like to think be anxious ,  


Be born date      10 

Who is the brave person , pride in oneself  , who is ambition for working , but  the life  have often emergency  refraction  , 


Be born date      11 

who is compromise , love the prestige , sensitive person , like to seek for the knowledge , who is a good aim ,


Be born date      12 

who like to show off , sensitive person, do not like to copy , who  is often hometown migration , 


Be born date      13 

who love  independence , don’t like to in regulation , like the challenge  , charming to the opposite sex ,  


Be born date      14 

who is academic omniscience , be a good plan, love reading writing ,  sagacious good person,


Be born date      15 

who is good intellect ,   like the simplicity , love the justice ,

Be born date      16 

who is high  ambition , like to collect antiques , often get into trouble about the love always , have a headache form love.


Be born date      17 

Who is good will, be diligent endure, can establish properties with oneself, like to seek for properties .


Be born date      18 

who like the change , like the tourism and high ambition ,


Be born date      19 

who is high self-confidence , there is good presage , who believe in  religion side.


Be born date      20 

who is up to date person, like to innovation , often have the temper varies ,


Be born date      21 

who is the omniscience , who is the strong-status , believe in  oneself , but  like to talk boast ,


Be born date      22

Who is orderly and polite person , do not like the violence ,  temper is easy blown ,


Be born date      23

who is a good mind  , love free , the lady's man , complicated often from opposite sex ,


Be born date      24

who is good talking , there is the principle of life , persuade excellent person , often charming in the social , be good advertiser ,


Be born date      25

Who is distinguished person in the social , be accepted of general person , there is a good human  relation, endure in the establishment ,


Be born date      26

who is lucky from the opposite sex , make money excellent , associate with easy ,


Be born date      27

who is sensitive person, think over , is often worried , who is a little friend.


Be born date      28

who is  create thinking, like the praise  , who is the believability from general person ,


Be born date      29

who is good concentration , the memory is good , think profoundly , and  good presage ,


Be born date      30

who like to challenge , work excellent , the temper is severe


Be born date      31

who is the bravery person ,  decide fast ,





Online:  2
Visits:  275,046
Today:  79
PageView/Month:  336