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Fate of the Zodiac year.

       year of the Rat.

A lover of the applications possible slip.   Like migration settlement.   Born to be a good start or other professionals.   Lucky love concert band.   Find Fame.   And reputation.   Zealous in livelihood.   Be thorough.   Like helping others.   Are disclosed.   Catholic.   And enjoy the wealth available.

      year of the Ox.

A boss who loves to volunteer.   Have many friends.   Believe people easily.   Integrity.   must be obtained before the investment date.   Will succeed with support from the boss or adults.   Is like an independent person.   Like flattery.   And always enthusiastic.

      year of the Tiger.

Fortunately, the people on the opposite sex.   Mood courage.   The love of freedom.   Records easier to use proficiently.   More than 1 person in a double life.   Do not fear poverty.   A favorite of people.   Fortune is less.   Is a solid evidence.   Government will be good progress.   A wealthy merchant to money.   One of the often migrate to the other residents.

          year of the Rabbit.

A person is ascendant.   Often receive support from adults.   Or relatives and friends always.   The epicurean.   Pleasure.   High self-confidence.   Like seeking knowledge.   Talented individual.   If you receive a good education. The progress of the people prevail in the same age.    Be good wives.   A stable level as the rich.   Honored in the society.   And a good harbinger.

      year of the Dragon.

A hero.   Show one's power as head of people like.   Say dare to do.   Like a compliment.   Sentiment.   Believe people easily.   If the journey will have found luck.   If you receive a good education will have occasion to travel abroad.   Professionals representing a good broker. If development is to speak.To achieve a trade investment.If you have good emotional control knowledge.   Will be successful in life.

       year of the Snake. 

A man of courage mood.   Selfless love for others. Property money will come with hard work by themselves.   And often lost because of someone else.   Witty intellectual good.   To their party.   If you have a good wife.    Will be successful in life.   Absolute gold.   Others the same level.

      year of the Horse.

Are simple.   Philanthropist.   Sexual emotions are high buck.   Seductive to the opposite sex. Like gambling. Are influential.   Enjoy lavish spending.   A zeal for work. To succeed over middle-aged then.

     year of the Goat.

Be assiduous in the practitioner Simple habits.   Lone love love friends.   Like to enjoy with friends.   Ties be spiteful. To achieve a career.   Is friends with wealth and power station.   To dependence.   A financial level, a millionaire property.   And unique society.

      year of the Monkey.

A person with high enthusiasm.   To fear.   Fear not the same level with others.   Is daring.   Failed to defeat a simple barrier.   Often created as.   A gold property in middle-aged.   Men often flirt.   Several females.  Seductive to the opposite sex.   Women are often difficult to find wives.   But will fail to inherit property children.

     year of the Cock.

Are laborious work.  Responsibility. Has proven to work. Not exploit anyone.   With emphasis on sexual Ns minister.   One of the often migrate and successfully elsewhere.   Find a property has not been difficult.   As a medium.   Like self-reliance.   Not rely on others.   Who love real love.   Who actually hate hate.

     year of the Dog.

A man of great loyalty to the boss.   Is honest.   Love justice.    You know people favors.   Often in trouble because they were always friends.   Who love real love.   Are seductive.   Be careful flirting.   To earn one's own .    And adults often have to sustain.

      year of the Pig.

Be resourceful.   Is known.   Like the philosophy.   Reliable omen.   A healthy comfort. People sustain. Will inherit the family fortune.   Business partners should not have.  There is always the one moving in a different place.   Believe people easily.  Kind.  But like the sexual .





Online:  3
Visits:  274,163
Today:  25
PageView/Month:  764